fish + braids = fishwithbraids

fish + braids = fishwithbraids
the experience of art thrives at the top of the bell curve in a place of speculation (and not consensus), hypotheses (and not conclusions) and belief (not knowledge).
To stay at the top of the bell curve, as Buergel and Noack might say,
the best art must make us not understand,
which corresponds to a state of sustained curiosity that provokes us to change something about ourselves in an effort to understand.
anthony huberman

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


  workshops, talks
@ Fish with Braids Gallery, 190 Columbus drive, Jersey City
     April 22 - 27    2013

A WAY TO DRESS  with Steffen Hedlund
slide show and talk with Steffen Hedlund, a fashion blogger in NYC, 
exploring the sightings of style and attitude in fashion.
Steffen captured innovative and creative individuals who set new trends.
any age welcome
2.5 hours
April 25,  7 pm   $20
Steffen Hedlund came to NYC in 1988 from Denmark, working for
Yves Saint Laurent, retail and wholesale fashion industries.

CLOTHING SWAP   with Melissa Lockwood, Iqtest clothing
A workshop that begins with participants bringing garments they no longer want. 
The group collectively places all their unwanted garments in a pile at the beginning of the workshop. 
Then the participants pick things they like out from the pile, these are the items we will discuss transforming.
Melissa will show some examples of how to reuse a variety of garments, making them into fun new items
and show how to do a few transforms.
 Any age over 8
2 hours
April 25th,  5 pm    $25
bring: old garments, scissors, embellishments if desired
Melissa is passionate about Urban salvage and repurposing, she keeps creating lines with
salvaged fabrics in Williamsburg Brooklyn. participant of the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

SEW your own ANIMAL BEAR HAT  with Uta Brauser, famous animal hat originals
Sew with precut fabrics a fake fur bear hat with lining
size Toddler or Big Baby(adult). You leave with a bear hat you made.
age 14 and up
2 hours
April 24th, 7 pm    $35
Uta Brauser created the now world wide popular animal hats,
made the silly fun accessories a hot trend. They started with baby Ezra in march 2000

BUILD YOUR LOOK FOR LESS with Fashion Designer Katrina Sappe
Learn how to look good on a budget
ACCESORIZING TIPS from style blazer Rayshawna Fraser for GLAAM Inc.
Get involved with JERSEY CITY FASHIONWEEK SEPT 2013.
Learn about the event from JCFW Coordinator and Program Manager of DLJ Give to Live Community Foundation Desha Jackson, Esq.
1.5 h
April 22    7 pm         $20
Jersey City Fashion Week Coordinator Desha Jackson, Esq., CEO
DLJ Sports & Entertainment Connection LLC

turn your garments into wearable art
Eva Moll is guiding you through the process of sketching, painting and splashing your T-shirt as a wearable piece of art from start to finish.
2.5 hours    April 23        6.30                   $80
Eva Moll is an acclaimed artist and teacher for interdisciplinary process work with exhibits, installations and performance art. She is active in New York and Frankfurt Germany

PLARN = plastic yarn    with Uta Brauser
Learn how to cut up plastic bags to make yarn out of it,
save the landfills from the plastic overload. Good for crocheting, knitting, weaving or
any textile work.
age  10 and up
1 hour  April 22 , 5 pm    $10   bring throwaway plastic bags
Uta Brauser uses plastic for her fashion creations as plarn or cut up and sewn in various forms.
Presenting  at the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

Make your own stencil for spray painting
Cut into cardboard a stencil to be sprayed onto anything.
Can spray onto garments, walls, wood, metal
age  15 and up
2 hours 
April 23rd   7.30pm        $20 all materials included

STYLE HUNT IN JC Downtown with designer IDILVICE
Follow New Yorker designer IDILVICE from her new fashion empire studio on Grove Street, see how she picks out stylish wardrobe pieces that can compete with the world!
3 h shopping tour at some of IDILVICE's favorite downtown boutiques including
Rainbow. Participants get hands on advice from an experienced designer and stylist how to shop frugally, how to combine styles, incorporate vintage with contemporary wardrobe, how to super emphasize style
with accessories, know the classics.
3 hours
April 26        4-7 pm        $40  meet at CREATIVE GROVE
NYC designer Idil Vice has been designing, styling and making fashion for many years.

FACE MAKE UP SPECIAL  with Angela Testa
Tips, techniques, hands on with a model,
practice on yourself during this workshop
ages 18 and up
2 hours
April 24   6.30pm            $25 make up included
Angela Testa is a freelance make up artist, for photoshoots, fashion and casting


With Arthur Arbit
videos and talk with following PARTY about the independent runway shows created and put together by Arthur Arbit
and his team. Learn about the approach of sustainability, originality and style promoted by living examples as Arthur and the designers who joined the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend.
Hang with the Urban NYC metro fashionistas, the trend setters, independent designers, models and
saturday night
April 27, 8 pm-- until    $10
Arthur is a fine artist, designer, event producer, tailor who lives in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

fashion workshops sign up
Fish with Braids Gallery     646-573 7164

This series of workshops and lectures is part of the educational and skills program offered by Fish with Braids Gallery and Arts in Action a non profit, to foster
the culture of ancient and new skills, to empower local creativity and economy.

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