fish + braids = fishwithbraids

fish + braids = fishwithbraids
the experience of art thrives at the top of the bell curve in a place of speculation (and not consensus), hypotheses (and not conclusions) and belief (not knowledge).
To stay at the top of the bell curve, as Buergel and Noack might say,
the best art must make us not understand,
which corresponds to a state of sustained curiosity that provokes us to change something about ourselves in an effort to understand.
anthony huberman

Friday, November 16, 2012

witch haus vampire initiation halloween

The  image gallery is at
for this event with the performance of the
Vampire Initiation by Caridad Rivera, Solangel Vazquez 
and Analis Cardenas.

projections, sound by Kaliptus
drums and keyboard James Cardenas Zelaya, Marco Xibalba

Moon Fire Tower art salon

Sculptor Bryce LeVan Cushing brings the largest collection of his work to date to Jersey City, New Jersey on Thursday November 29, 2012.  Cushing is known for his modern figural mosaic sculptures that are part Schnabel and part Gaudi.  He has shown extensively in Europe including last year’s 20th Anniversary of the Barcelona Arts Association show, The Barcelona International Art Fair, and the Drap Art Festival.

In the United States Bryce LeVan has shown coast to coast many times and currently is focused on shows in the New York City market.  As a performer under the moniker MoonFire Tower the artist's career stretches 20 years to the beginning of the Earl Dax phenomenon, when the pair performed together in the mid 90's at MFT's Camp Squirt.  Guests on that show which toured venues in the East Coast were:  Joey Arias, Sherry Vine, Enya Buttox, Raven O, K-Tel and the Dumsta' Players, and many others.

MoonFire Tower Art Happenings are traditionally rich with multimedia and this installation at Fish With Braids (190 Columbus Blvd, Jersey City, NJ.) is no exception.  The Joey Arias inspired MFT collage drip painting series will be on display for the first time.  Also being debuted are Cushing's Rock River Rings from Vermont.  These chunky semi-precious sterling rings are being designed for Camp Squirt alumni.

Jersey City Art Star Uta Brauser will show her fashion as she teams up with MFT for this epic event which will be hosted by Pussy Faggot regular Needles Jones.  Needles and MoonFire go back 20 years and the evening is sure to be a throwback to the mid 90's Don Hill culture.  MFT will be rocking a set of performance art written by NYC playwright Justin Sayre.  The untitled piece is a collaboration exploring Cushing's troubled childhood full of sexual abuse in the Christian church.  This will be the world premiere of the punk rock mini musical.

Bryce LeVan Cushing is dedicated to reviving  the energy of an earlier age inspired by Hoffman and Warhol.  During the 90's MFT mentored with Hunt Slonem and Christopher Makos and is directly influenced by the factory sensibility.