fish + braids = fishwithbraids

fish + braids = fishwithbraids
the experience of art thrives at the top of the bell curve in a place of speculation (and not consensus), hypotheses (and not conclusions) and belief (not knowledge).
To stay at the top of the bell curve, as Buergel and Noack might say,
the best art must make us not understand,
which corresponds to a state of sustained curiosity that provokes us to change something about ourselves in an effort to understand.
anthony huberman

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gallery opens at 190 CC with Evolve Wear 3

the fish swam from jersey Ave to Christopher Columbus Drive.
NEW SPACE 190 Christopher Columbus Drive, 1st floor, Jersey City
(downtown, 2 blocks straight west from Grove street PATH)

art space and gallery opens with

wearable proposals for a new world
6 - 10 pm
This collection of storytelling visuals, giving praise to the universal spirit with "In Beauty I walk",
honoring the gifts of what surrounds us
or the unexpected use of discarded products to extend the material's life, each creation narrates with a poetic or philosophical approach to FASHION FOR THE FUTURE.

The imagery we create about ourselves to describe a state of mind, status, intent, and  adornments is shifting to new boundaries,
the various participating artists bring their ideas and examples to the viewers mind.

Wearable designs and concepts by Uta Brauser, Vincent Minervini, Masae Satouchi, Vincent Zambrano, Laura Quattrocchi and Casimir Alexander.

                                         Robot pants by Vincent Minervini
photograph with hat by Casimir Alexander
                                      dress from rubber gloves by Laura Quattrocchi

stills of video by Raven Black
                                               design and model Masae Satouchi

           images created with the designs of Uta Brauser, projections by Adam Jeffrey, photography (stills from video) Raven Black
-Documentary Video by Hoboken Film Factory, Francisco Dautant, and David Zee "In Beauty I walk, Evolve Wear"
-Art Videos by Raven Black, inspired by the Evolve Wear characters, performers and

 designs of Uta Brauser
-Documentary by Diana Quinones Rivera of the dance performance choreographed by

Laura Quattrocchi with "Waste Park"
-Documentary of the Importance of Life with Colors by Masae Satouchi

-performance of the Evolve Wear 3 collection 8 pm
-projections by Adam Jeffrey
-computer robot electronics by Pastiche
-mad accessories exhibition, Maggie Ens, Jacquie Bird

These live installations are one of a kind,
not to be missed..

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