fish + braids = fishwithbraids

fish + braids = fishwithbraids
the experience of art thrives at the top of the bell curve in a place of speculation (and not consensus), hypotheses (and not conclusions) and belief (not knowledge).
To stay at the top of the bell curve, as Buergel and Noack might say,
the best art must make us not understand,
which corresponds to a state of sustained curiosity that provokes us to change something about ourselves in an effort to understand.
anthony huberman

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Evolve Wear at New World Fair 2012

    Casimir Alexander,

Part of the New World Fair 2012
at the Queens Museum of Art, Flushing Corona Park, July 21, noon - 6 pm

holding a summit on  innovations for a Shrinking World in an Expanding Universe, while pointing out Unity and Peace Through Understanding. Exhibitions that Illuminate New Ideas, Technology, and ways to achieve Sustainability for a Healthier, more balanced, ecofriendly & ethical lifestyle.

 2012 The New Dawn
Many experts, scientists, artists and philosophers have reached the conclusion that the human experience is reaching some kind of ultimate climax. We are at the cusp of a universal transition, an evolution if you will. This shift is not just limited to historical tangibles like globalization, the internet, global/universal warming and the destruction of
the environment, but is deeply embedded in almost all of the great spiritual traditions of humanity. This approaching singularity is truly the most profound event in history. Everything that we know, everything that we are, is about to undergo a substantial and
radical alternation.

(curatorial statement, Uta Brauser)

With Art playing an important role in human evolution, the creative and innovative spirit manifests itself in fashion statements and wearable expressions.

This collection of storytelling visuals, giving praise to the universal spirit with "In Beauty I walk",
honoring the gifts of what surrounds us
or the unexpected use of discarded products to extend the material's life, each creation narrates with a poetic or philosophical approach to fashion for the future.

At the Museum Evolve Wear 3  is manifested  with 
- a selection of wearable works in the gallery room
- videos by various presenters in the theater room
- individual performers and artists walking around in their wardrobes



                             photograph stills by Raven Black
Clothing designs and accessories by Uta Brauser, Vincent Minervini, Masae Satouchi, Vincent Zambrano, Laura Quattrocchi and  Casimir Alexander.
                             dress with rubber gloves, Laura Quattrocchi
                 hat with silver wire, Casimir Alexander,      corkscrew willow branches, an antique 
                            brooch, German porcelain doll heads, cord and onyx briolite faceted beads 
                             Evolve Wear performers ( KC, Sol Angel, Joyce, Andrew, Olivia)

                             embodiment of photographs of Vincent Zambrano as wearable
                                    pieces, interpretations by Uta Brauser

Documentary Video by Hoboken Film Factory, Francisco J. Dautant and David Zee "In Beauty I walk, Evolve Wear at the Monroe Center for the Arts"
evolve wear - digi skins
vimeo mp4 file

Fashion Art Video by Raven Black, inspired by the Evolve Wear characters, their charisma,
the unfolding revelations in this freeing context and light,  designs of Uta Brauser,
video projections Adam Jeffrey and anna Almquist.

Video by Diana Quinones "waste park". her long time collaboration with Shua group members Laura Quattrocchi and Joshua reflect her passion for their anti establishment concepts and actions.

Masae Satouchis Mission: Creating a healthy world through colors.
Color is a universal language, it is spritual, it expresses and it attracts special divine energies.
In this video the colorful artists you see are re-coloring the world in peace.
Each of the seven color energies has its power and its art. Experience the transformation, strength and beauty of color..
Art of Wearable Color by Masae Satouchi

At the theater space of the Queens Museum of Art,
all videos will run on a loop,

Sat July 21, 2012
noon - 6 pm

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