fish + braids = fishwithbraids

fish + braids = fishwithbraids
the experience of art thrives at the top of the bell curve in a place of speculation (and not consensus), hypotheses (and not conclusions) and belief (not knowledge).
To stay at the top of the bell curve, as Buergel and Noack might say,
the best art must make us not understand,
which corresponds to a state of sustained curiosity that provokes us to change something about ourselves in an effort to understand.
anthony huberman

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion Show Uta Brauser: EVOLVE WEAR 4

With a vision for the future
Uta Brauser presents  EVOLVE WEAR 4
Sept 15, 2012, Williamsburg Brooklyn 
set:   williamsburg fashion weekend spring 2013 Evolve Wear

Sept 22, 2012, Jersey City

fashion for the woman of tomorrow, with architectural ultra structured designs coming to life in iconic ways, as  Triangle woman.
Geometric shapes creating new proposals for an aesthetic uncommon in fashion.
The person shapes as a sculpture,  takes on an abstract form, allows a new identity
or mask.

This collection brings both wearable art as statement pieces and ready-to-wears for the
Urban Nomad, male and female. Covering both the abstract and the practical useful end of the spectrum.
Cutting edge and innovative ways for the sustainably minded fashionista.
Self conscious, individualistic, proud and creative.

The use of discarded materials as plastic bags or rubber inner tubes is an Uta Brauser favorite, and will keep taking new shapes and innovative ways how to be incorporated into
very fashionable wearables.

part of the Williamsburg Fashion weekend:

Sept 15, Williamsburg, Windmill Studios, 287 Kent Ave,  11 pm
for tickets go to

and joining the Fashion week in Jersey City:
Sept 22, Jersey City, Fish with Braids Gallery, 190 Christopher Columbus Drive, 9pm
tickets  at door, $15 or prepay by paypal to

rain girl, convex spheric hat, vinyl rain jacket
design forRaingirl

rain hat, jacket

clear rain hat, pentagonal dress

rain hat close up

rectangular scarf with hood

rectangular scarf

performers scarf
performers scarf rocknroll view

delicate version of Triangle design

Triangle top
plastic fake fur jacket (cut up plastic bags)

plastic fake fur rocks

evening dress with chiffon and vinyl details

Triangle hat and handmuffs in action

Urban peace warrior of tomorrow

Urban peace warrior beauty

Urban peace warrior with related art (Army of One)

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